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How we Empower Women

Sadly the fashion industry has played a ruthless role in " dressing" women up for decades but not necessarily empowering their self-image. And this is evident with our younger generations and their behavioural change.

Empowerment of women wears numerous  faces in various walks of life. Whether it be on a lonely catwalk or in  a derelict slum. RocEthical have chosen to disrupt "trends" and concentrate more on  " timelessness".

These garments are passionately and individually hand crafted by a  group of widows and single women.


working with these women is to understand who they are, where they come from and above all understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Most of our women are the bread winners in their families either caring for their elderly parents or providing for their children. These young women have flexible patterns of work and are given the opportunity to balance their lives as  working  mums.

In seeing the possibilities of breaking the chain of poverty and creating opportunities where there seems to be none, is what drives this burning passion…

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