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Image by Ahmed Saalim Hussain

We most often forget that the very ground that we walk upon and feeds us is the very one we are working towards destroying every day. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world and its astonishing to view  how it has digressed over the

centuries to cater to anything but "clothe our bodies".

The planet is not only harmed with  toxic waste during the process

but puts its labourers at heavy risks too.

RocEthical's passion to work alongside the planet to preserve and enrich its resources is the prime reason for  its existence.

Giving back to our planet to restore balance as much as we could,

is what we value the most.Breaking the cycle of landfill

and repurposing  textiles while avoiding the use of plastic accessories and creating mindfulness of the process is crucial.

The collaboration with Maximus a 100% sustainable elephant dung paper manufacturer enables RocEthical to commit to the environment in simple but efficient methods.  

How we work with the planet
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