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Rochelle Motha

Her Story

​Rochelle Motha is a Sri Lankan born freelance artist, designer and environmentalist based in the U.K.​ Her long standing passion for the environment and love for art and design has been tools with which she has chosen to combat meaningless consumerist behavior'.

​Rochelle’s passion to work with the less fortunate within the community springs from her family, being involved over three generations, working closely with Mother Theresa and various other charities to date. She has learnt that the need to bridge the gap between the privileged and the under privileged wasn’t merely a matter of handouts,

but giving them a purpose and the tools to thrive.

​Rochelle possesses a background in Fashion, also qualified as a fine artist and holds a

MA degree from Central St. Martins London.

She currently studies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our Journey

​Project eye cycled was an awareness campaign to encourage ‘conscious’ decision making, through the collections of thoughts, videos and voices. These narratives tell of personal journeys that echo universally and in turn encourage consumers to question their habits and- most importantly-to modify our behaviour.

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