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Our Impact

Planet Made of Plastic

We most often forget that the very ground that we walk upon and feeds us is the very one we are working towards destroying every day. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world and its astonishing to view how it has digressed over the centuries to simply “clothe our bodies”.

The planet is not only harmed with toxic waste during the process, but puts its labourers at high risks.

RocEthical’s passion to work alongside the planet to preserve and enrich its resources is the prime reason for its existence. Giving back to our planet to restore balance as much as we could is what we value the most.

Breaking the cycle of landfill and re-purposing textiles, while avoiding the use of plastic accessories and creating mindfulness of the process is crucial.

The collaboration with Maximus a 100% sustainable elephant dung paper manufacturer enables RocEthical to commit to the environment in simple but efficient methods.

As Winston Churchill said “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”.The long standing vision to sustain life and break the chain of poverty on a small level has now come to realisation through our fair trade clothing brand. Creating change through economic empowerment is our passionate cause. Most often, women and children, for no fault of their own become victims of war, abuse and neglect, RocEthical has chosen to uplift and support a cause that has driven three generations to do so.

We believe that freedom through education is the key to empowering children. The children we work with are destitute as a result of war or domestic violence. We have chosen to support  The Salvetorian missionary workers to identify the needs of the children and further strengthen and support their talents.We also plan on committing and supporting women and children in crisis. We strongly believe that “change is made through challenge”. And its only by challenging our boundaries and meta-narratives that we could truly live the change!


Our vision has never been stronger- focusing solely to drive behavioural change, slow fashion and sustainable consumer narrative. Most importantly to impact our poorer communities to sustain themselves through skill and fair trade. Women have been overlooked over the centuries and still prevalent in today’s “modern” world. Sadly the fashion industry has played a ruthless role in ” dressing” women up for decades, but not necessarily empowering their self-image.

And this is evident with our younger generations and their behavioural change. Empowerment of women wears numerous faces in various walks of life. Whether it be on a lonely catwalk or in a derelict slum.

RocEthical have chosen to disrupt “trends” and concentrate more on classic, simple silhouettes that are ” timeless”.

Rocethical garments are passionately and individually hand crafted by a small group of widows and single women, Working with these women is to understand who they are, where they come from and above all understanding their strengths and weaknesses.  Most of our women are the bread winners in their families either caring for their elderly parents or providing for their children. These young women have flexible patterns of work and are given the opportunity to balance their lives as working mums. In seeing the possibilities of breaking the chain of poverty and creating opportunities where there seems to be non,

is what drives this burning passion…

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