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Our Vision and Values

Climate Protest
Climate Protest

Our Vision


We aim to create garments that are ethically and sustainably made, using waste material that usually end up in landfill as textile waste. We will endeavour to create these garments using fair trade practices, and ensure that we empower the communities in the process. The process we undertake will be sustainable, end to end, including any additional material we use to create the garments. We commit to contributing a proportion of the profits into selected charities, focusing on women’s empowerment and education of children. We would publicise the change you create in people’s lives through different platforms such as, Instagram and Facebook.

Our Values

  • To minimise landfill and prolong the usage of textiles creating sustainable fashion narrative.

  • Bear in mind that the environment has to come first at all times and create environmentally friendly clothing.

  • Empower and enhance by contributing and giving to the communities in need.

  • To use environmentally friendly or upcycled/ recycled material during the manufacturing process.

  • To make an impact in society by encouraging positive behaviour and practices towards the environment.

  • To support Women and children in need through our charitable activities.

  • To always be mindful of the manufacturing process in relation to the communities we operate in, so as to lift them out of poverty and inspire them into better lives.

Young people collecting garbage
Climate Protest

What problems are we solving

  • Recycling clothing and Stopping textiles

  • going into landfill.

  • Building awareness against consumerist trends and driving sustainable fashion narrative.

  • Empowering women to be economically self-sufficient to drive ethical fashion.

  • Helping children into education and funding other charities.

  • Supporting women in crisis.

  • Giving access to environmentally friendly Ethical/fair trade clothing.

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